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Your Horoscope
The truth will come out about your career or family and home life now. You will shake things up nicely for others as you will be able to sense the truth of what is truly going on with them today. Secrets will be revealed but it won't surprise you at this stage.
You'll have an intuitive grasp today like no other. You'll be more in tune with your wishes and how you can move yourself in that direction. The truth will be revealed with siblings or simply through dialogue with others. It will not surprise you - it might shake you up though.
Your true value depends on how well you are able to vocalize your truth today. You have a keen sense of what is going on at work, but perhaps it is time to truly have that financial conversation, or at least think about it more. Secrets and truth will be revealed now!
Intuitively you know what's going on with others. They want to start an argument to reveal some truth they need to let go of. For you, you need to hang on to your perspective - your knowledge is greater than their misdeeds. What happens will help you professionally.
Today is your day - the spotlight will be on you in a grand way. Be mindful not to overdo it now. Let go of past hurts as right now they are only affecting you, no one else is as bothered by it now. Gain confidence in trusting your own judgement, let go of the need for approval.
Your subconscious mind will be highlighted today. Discussions with friends or about your dreams and wishes will create little bit of an argument today. See it as the truth will reveal itself and help you move forward. Accept what others say as them deeply caring for you.
Your dreams and wishes are starting to come true! One thing that will reveal itself today is the truth. What is it that you didn't want to reveal about your inner or outer world' This will be answered today and will create breathing room for abundance and blessings to enter your life!
Today will be the start of your being seen for your knowledge in the world. Yes, there will be some argument as you present your case, but this will only clarify and encourage others to open their minds a little more. It will be an exciting day ' Enjoy the blessings!
The truth will be revealed about who actually supports and backs you are or not. Close alliances will encourage you to express your truth and others will simply think you are slightly nuts. Allow for others to catch up with your understanding, share the knowledge now.
Others will try to create disagreements today to knock you off your stride. Do not let that happen now, those who know you understand very well that you are not a horrible person. Let people you are not too familiar with have their own opinion now.
The truth shall set you free- today will be the day when this truth will be revealed to you. What is it that you have been carrying around with you on the subconscious level' Whatever it is, it will be acknowledged today through a minor dispute with someone on your daily.
Open disputes or conversations with friends will help you move towards your dreams and wishes. What is it that you have not acknowledged yet' Allow for the interactions today to open you up to greater possibilities of what lies ahead for you. Blessings are coming for you!
Thought of the Day:
If today is your birthday, this year will prove to encourage open and honest dialogue with others in your life. Much action can be taken by you to improve your home life and interactions with family but you will need to be the one moving it along. Steady advancement can be made with creative projects or with children. Watch out for over emphasizing financial needs.
Celebrity Birthdays:
Selena Gomez21
David Spade49
Danny Glover67

Horoscopes by Astrological forecasts by Larisa Maira Ozolins.

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